How to Save Money on a Disney Cruise

Welcome to this month’s Blogorail Red Loop. Today we are sharing ways for you to save money while you’re at Disney.

Save money. Hundreds of dollars off on a disney cruise, even if it isn't on sale.Why should I try to save money on a Disney Cruise?

I love Disney. I love Disney Cruise Line. Some of my most cherished and priceless family memories happened out to sea with Mickey and the gang. But if I can save a couple hundred thousand dollars, that’s more money for cabanas, souvenirs, fruity drinks and the future cruise desk.

Buckle up.

Save money. Ten tips for Disney Cruise Line on a budget.
Consider yourself warned.

Ten Insider Tips and Tricks to Save Money on a Disney Cruise

10. Save Money by Moving to Florida

Do you live in Florida? They offer last-minute discounts as Florida Resident Rates from time to time. They verify proof of residency at check-in.

Do you live in Canada? They rarely offer last-minute discounts for our neighbors to the north as well!

Do you live in Southern California? Disneyland’s neighbors also occasionally find discounts directed specifically for them.

To find this week’s deals, check out the Special Offers page on Disney Cruise Line’s website or contact your travel agent.

9. Save Money by Booking Onboard

Aside from the 10% off most stateroom categories (not the concierge rooms) and on board booking stateroom credit ($100 credit for six night or shorter cruises, $200 for seven night or longer cruises), they occasionally run specials onboard that they aren’t yet running on land or the website.

If you are uncertain of your desired dates, a future cruise voucher carries the same perks. As Disney Cruise Line puts it:

Travel must take place within 24 months of reservation to maintain booking benefits. Blackout dates apply to the Onboard Rebooking Offer, please inquire when booking a confirmed date or contact Disney Cruise Line or your travel agent for more details. Onboard credits, per stateroom, will vary based on sailing. $100 for sailing of 6-nights or less and $200 for sailings 7-nights and greater. Cannot be combined with any other offer or discount. Not valid on VGT, OGT, or IGT stateroom categories with restrictions or 2-night sailings.

8. Flexibility Saves a Ton- 50% Off Tip Here

Disney Cruise Line cruises four different ships nearly all year long. Your flexibility in ship selection or itinerary may be well rewarded! Let’s look at the start of April this year.

Save money. Ten tips for Disney Cruise Line on a budget.
Having cruised on all four ships, picking a favorite is hard. I love all of them! If I had to, I’d go with the Disney Wonder.

I could select cruises from three, four, five or seven nights long to the Bahamas or the Caribbean departing from Florida. Current prices for these cruises for a family of four vary from $2,234 to $8,440.

FYI: The cheapest way to buy a week in that time frame today is back to back cruises on the Disney Wonder…around $3,000 cheaper than a week on the Disney Fantasy.

Flexibility on stateroom category saves a ton of cash. (Concierge rooms run roughly twice as much as interior staterooms for a family of four. Fifty percent off if you don’t opt for concierge.) I love concierge…but I love two cruises instead of one also. #firstworldproblems

If you adore concierge but could also be happy in an interior, maybe rolling the dice on a port upgrade is your style?

Save money. Ten tips for Disney Cruise Line on a budget.
Stretch your budget without pulling a muscle.

7. Plan REALLY Far in Advance

How far in advance?
In January 2017, I am waiting for the 2018 summer cruise itineraries to get released. That is likely in April/May of 2017, but DCL likes to keep us on our toes. We’ll find out two or three days beforehand at the most.

How does Disney Cruise Line pricing work?
The lowest regular cruise fare emerges on opening day. As the ship fills, the pricing increases ship wide. I’ve spent time watching a single stateroom jump in price over a thousand dollars as the ship fills over the course of an afternoon.  If I’m interested in a stateroom, I book it. I prefer this as it lets me have ample opportunity to plan.

6. Procrastinate and Still Save Money? Maybe.

Interior Guaranty, Oceanview Guaranty, and Verandah Guaranty, (oh my!) Occasionally last-minute deals open up.
The IGT, OGT, VGT rates, as the different categories of last-minute guaranty rates are abbreviated, come with an extensive list of requirements.

Save money. Ten tips for Disney Cruise Line on a budget.They price similar to the first day rates. However, I only recommend these for VERY flexible people.


  • You aren’t picky about your stateroom or location; they will assign a room and not move you.
  • You don’t already have a cruise booked, new bookings only.
  • You have the entire cost of the cruise sitting in your bank account, required on booking.
  • You realize it is nonrefundable, nontransferable and nonnegotiable.
  • You know all party members full legal names and birth date at booking.
  • You have at most four party members.
  • You want a less popular time of year or a common itinerary. The more popular dates and itineraries rarely offer GT rates.
  • You’re patient. These offers come and go.

Please read any fine print! And then go with the flow.

5. Credit is King

If you enter your Disney Visa Card as your form of payment for all onboard purchases, your “Key to the World” card will show that you are a Disney Visa Card member and eligible for onboard perks. (Though you might need to mention these offers to receive the savings.) As of early 2017, Disney Visa is offering ten percent off some DCL photo packages, 10% off select onboard merchandise purchases over $50, 10% off a Castaway Cay Getaway Package, and 20% off select onboard spa services on port days. To see the latest offerings, visit the Disney Rewards site.

4. Save Money by Skipping School Breaks

Moving a cruise by a week or two can save a thousand dollars, especially if one of those weeks happens to be during a school vacation week. If you can pull your children out of school, you might find more room availability and lower prices as well. The cheapest rates for cruising are when children attend school. Cruise prices (almost) double by booking an otherwise identical cruise in mid-August and not mid-September when schools are in session.

Save money. Ten tips for Disney Cruise Line on a budget.
What do we do?

If you can’t take the kids out of school or work for the school districts and can’t leave, look for the odd weeks your schedule affords. Do you have an October break? Check that week for cruise rates. Do you start super early but finish at the start of May? Check the first week you have off in May. Do you start super late? Check the end of August or start of September. It’s almost always cheaper than the middle of summer.

3. Work With a Travel Agent (One You’re Comfortable With)

Most reputable Disney TAs work FOR FREE. (Disney pays them). Shop around and find one you’re comfortable with before you book or transfer to one within thirty days of booking. A good TA is priceless if you are learning the ropes. They do the legwork comparing dates and rates, suggest the perfect room for your party, calling Disney Cruise Line with gift cards or payments, and jamming to the hold music on release day.

Full disclosure, I’m a travel agent. I love Disney hold music. There may be Disney hold music dance parties.

2. Buy Disney Gift Cards (with Target Red Card)

Did you know that you can call Disney Cruise Line or login to your reservation and pay off your balance with Disney Gif Cards? Disney accepts Disney Gift Cards as payment to your balance on the ship at Guest Services. You can buy Disney Gift Cards either in store or online for 5% off of the face value. So if you apply $100 in gift cards, you save $5…but if you buy $5000 in gift cards, that’s $250 off.

1. Disney Rewards Dollars

Using your Disney Visa card earns Disney Rewards Dollars instead of a cash back bonus. (Or pick your favorite rewards card system.) If you run all of your utility payments through a good rewards card, it can add up quickly. I usually cover a significant percentage of our family vacations with our rewards, but that’s not the best of it…

I surprised Ben with a cruise in 2013, paid for entirely in Disney Rewards Dollars. Then again for a girls weekend cruise in 2016. TWO FREE CRUISES! For paying utilities, groceries, gas and restaurant purchases, that’s not shabby.


What are your best money saving tips?

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The Disney Movie Challenge: Free Printable

#WatchAllTheMovies #DisneyCountdown

Do you have a Disney vacation coming up that is tantalizingly close? Do you or your kids vaguely remember the characters or songs, but not the movies? Or better yet, don’t remember a character at all? With fifty-five animated feature films to pick from, it’s understandable that a film or two might get missed. Even for the most dedicated mouseketeers. Enter the Disney Movie Countdown Challenge. Continue reading “The Disney Movie Challenge: Free Printable”

Free Printable Walt Disney World Touring Cards

Free Printable Walt Disney World Schedule Cards

I like to plan out every minute and bring my phone along to snag last minute FastPass+, but sometimes I need a low tech way to tour Walt Disney World. I originally developed these touring cards to help my son track our day. He enjoys a “set” schedule. After seeing how they helped his sense of routine, I knew I needed to share them with you!

Walt Disney World Free Printable Touring Schedule Card
They loved checking the schedule on the bus!
(I printed off some fun questions for them to fill out on the plane ride home too!)

Each evening at Walt Disney World I lay out their outfits for the following day and the card for the next day sits right on top of the pile. After they dress in the morning, they slip their touring card into a pocket or lanyard. Then they pore over them after they are awake.

If you aren’t in need of a full days schedule laid out, you can also use these to jot down you FP+ times and ADRs and you’re ready to make some magic!

Free Printable Walt Disney World Touring Cards

To print off cards and handwrite your own schedule or details, print off this PDF:


To edit your own set of cards using Word, download the docx link below. It uses the fonts Florida Project, Century Gothic, and Waltograph.


I like to laminate the cards to protect them from water rides, rain and sweat, then cut them out. I get one set. The kids each get a set.

Free Printable Walt Disney World Schedule Cards
Fill in as much or as little information as you want!

Do you like using schedule cards or tech trackers?

Go Directly to Magic Kingdom

Home at the Magic Kingdom

Welcome to this month’s Blogorail Blue Loop. Today we are sharing how we know we’ve “arrived” at Disney.

Go Home to Magic Kingdom
Calling “no running” and “watch for the trolley track” when all you want to do is run up Main Street with the kiddos. #DisneyMomProblems

I moved around as a kid. I went to elementary school in five different states in six different school districts. My parents moved an additional five times since then. The smell of waffle cones, the warm glow of fireworks over Cinderella Castle, and the strains of ragtime drifting through the evening air, Magic Kingdom *is* my childhood home.

With the streamlining of Disney’s Magical Express handling the luggage and online check-in handling our resort hotel, we opt to hop directly onto a Magic Kingdom bus immediately.

Go Home to Magic Kingdom
I play this card every single trip possible.

After months of planning, days of packing and hours of traveling by bus, plane, monorail and foot, I emerge from the train station tunnel and take my first steps down Main Street, U.S.A. In that first glimpse of the Magic Kingdom, I am home.

How to Know You’ve “Arrived” at Disney
Go Directly to Magic Kingdom

1.) Plans? What Plans?

Whether we swing by the firehouse to pick up our Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom cards, stop to meet Tinker Bell and Mickey at the Town Square Theatre or head out to hit Space Mountain, this is the second that we’ve arrived on vacation.

Home at the Magic Kingdom
Define “on vacation.” Give three examples.

Life slows down a lot.

We laugh a little more, snack a little more and relax a little more. Our first afternoon at the park is usually very loosely planned. We book our FastPass+ and wait to see where the wind takes us.

Home to Magic Kingdom
Touring cards? Plans? What?

For a recovering parks commando, this is a big deal. I totally blame Magic Kingdom for bringing out my spontaneous side.

Free Printable Schedule/Touring Cards are available here!

2.) The Outside World Disappears

I forget to take pictures on vacation. (Bad blogger!) I forget to check my email. I forget to scroll Facebook. I occasionally forget I have a phone.

Somewhere between Main Street and Fantasyland, the outside world ceases to exist. Maybe it’s all of the spinning. Either way, I’m focusing on my kids and family for a good couple of days.

3.) Running Amok

Pixie dust does not allow for self-consciousness. When I get wrapped up in the magic, I join in a little more and worry a lot less about what others might be thinking.

Home at Disney
Hiding behind potted plants to avoid suspicion during a spy mission? Totally normal on vacation.

Selfies, public singing, skipping, and matching outfits? Just another day of magic. The faster we get into the Magic Kingdom, the faster we know we’ve arrived at Walt Disney World.

How do you know you’ve arrived at Disney?

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Episode VII: Castaway Cay

Castaway Cay Merrytime Cruise

The sun rose over a lovely calm sea and the Disney Wonder rotated slowly into place next to the dock at Castaway Cay. We finished breakfast and headed for the forward gangway. It was time to go ashore in paradise.

Castaway Cay, Merrytime Reunion
Christmas on Castaway Cay!

Ben and I walked ashore, took some quick snaps and then walked straight for the cabana check-in desk. (If you don’t feel like walking, you can wait for a tram at the “Kargo Handling Tram Stop” and ride past the “Scuttle’s Cove Tram Stop” to the “Pelican Point Tram Stop.” The check-in desk for the cabanas is next to the shaded tram stop.)

We hopped into our golf cart and made it out to our cabana bright and early.

Castaway Cay Cabana 21 - Merrytime Reunion cruise
Grand Family Cabana!

We made ourselves at home, laying out our items on the counter, claiming spots along the deck and slathering everyone in copious amounts of sunscreen.

The kids and I played in the cove. Counted fish. Splashed and squealed. The water in December isn’t exactly hot, but it’s still plenty warm enough for wading and floating in tubes.

Small silvery fish darted through the clear waters and after hours of frolicking on the beach, swinging in hammocks and snacking on fruit, chips and barbeque (fetched from Cookies Too!), the boys decided to go back to the ship.

Castaway Cay Merrytime Cruise
Shells of every color.

The girls fetched a few dozen of the most beautiful shells to decorate the tables. Then fell to sipping cans of soda and sunning themselves. I love reading. I love reading and lounging even better, so I was game to hang about at the cabana as most of the guests headed back to the ship. Midafternoon, Kylee and I headed back to the ship ourselves.

Castaway Cay Merrytime Cruise
Back to the ship.

I don’t know if it was because there were so few guests on the way back to the ship or if it was only a coincidence, but we spotted many lizards, a toad and a hermit crab along the path back to the Wonder.

Castaway Cay Merrytime Cruise
Carols on steel drums and garlands fill the island.

Those sweet moments when I can talk to my daughter one on one and slow down to see the world from her point of view? Priceless.


Castaway Cay Merrytime Cruise
She’s a little short for a stormtrooper.

Kylee spent her souvenir money in the Star Wars store. Ewoks are her favorite, Wicket particularly. When she’d spotted a stuffed Wickett in the store that evening, she knew just what she’d pick for her souvenir.



Castaway Cay Merrytime Cruise
Nothing quite like Castaway Cay around Christmas!

Despite Wickett joining us for “So You Want to Be a Mouseketeer,” we were not selected. Maybe next time!

Castaway Cay Merrytime Cruise
Sunset as we leave Castaway Cay.

Kylee headed into the Oceaneer Club while Ben and I headed up to the top deck to watch as the Disney Wonder headed back out to sea during an amazingly gorgeous sunset.

Castaway Cay Merrytime Reunion
Captain’s Gala Menu

After all day laying in the sun, a long quiet dinner (with four children) seemed just the thing to do. The children wanted to eat quickly and head into the Oceaneer Club, but we ran into one of Kylee’s best friends on the way.

Castaway Cay Merrytime Cruise
Chance encounter with Belle in her Christmas dress.

Our family chose to skip Toy Story the Musical in favor of a nice evening listening to music, romping in the kids clubs and walking around the promenade deck looking at the starlight.

Episode VII: Merrytime Reunion

Disney Wonder
November 27, 2015
Seven Night Bahamian
Extended Family Reunion

  1. MerryTime Reunion
  2. Anchors Away!
  3. Character Overload
  4. Key West
  5. Nassau
  6. Castaway Cay
  7. More to Come!
  8. Personal Navigators for our 2015 MerryTime Cruise

Magical Back to School Printables

WDW Road Sign First Day of School Free Printable

Welcome to this month’s Blogorail Red Loop. Today we are sharing Disney inspired back to school ideas.

Disney Wait Time First Day of School Printable Back to School
Unless you have a FastPass+, of course.

There is something about back to school season. The joy. The anticipation. The shopping.  The lists. The smell of fresh school supplies in the dollar spot at Target. The bulk packs of Kleenex (and some to send to the school as well.) The adorable outfits. The endless hunt for an orange pocket with brads folder.

WDW Road Sign First Day of School Free Printable Back to School
Next stop, school.

I love scrolling through Facebook. All the kids are so pulled together. Exclaiming over how much my friends children have grown and looking at their cute back to school outfits is almost as good as it gets. By the end of September (if not the end of the week) the kids are back to regular clothing. But for one day at least, they’re super adorable.

Wonderland First Day of School Free Printable Back to School
If we’re honest, everything can be a little crazy during the back to school season.

As I looked at photo after photo, I noticed a sad lack of Disney back to school signs. Well that’s no good! To help you add a little pixie dust to your first day of school photos I created some free Disney inspired first day of school printable signs. For fun in my free time.

(Yep, free! No signups or anything.)

The first day of school was never so magical!

Free Printables

First Day of School Nemo Inspired
WDW Road Sign First Day of School
Wait Time Back to School
First Day of School Wonderland

Click on any link above to download your free first day of school printable. I’m thinking I’ll use the Wonderland one with my daughter and the Wait Time sign one for my son.

(Click on a link above to download your free first day of school printable.)

May all your worms be bookworms. Back to School

Have a magical first day of school!

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The Ultimate Guide to an Affordable Disney World Vacation

I know my way around saving money on Disney Cruise Line, but Walt Disney World always leaves me feeling a little bit at a loss. How do I find a good deal? Is the website my best way to go or should I work with a Travel Agent? Packages or room only discounts or park hoppers or free dining? Tickets? Does going in the off season really save any money? And airfare. Always the airfare.

The Ultimate Guide to an Affordable Disney World Vacation Review
“How to Easily Save Thousands on Your Next Trip!” Who Knew?

Then I read The Ultimate Guide to an Affordable Disney World Vacation thanks to a free copy of the book from a Blogorail friend, Kevin Barry.

Hi. I’m Lori and I’m a Disney Tips Pinterest addict.

(Hi Lori!)

So I pin hundreds of pins that explain different methods to save and spend at Walt Disney World. The problem is that these tips are floating around in my head with no clear plan of which ones work best. (Which is perhaps why I love using a good travel agent when I go to WDW, but I digress.)

Rather than overload with tons of ways to save a dollar here and there, Kevin Grady’s book focuses on the big ticket items in a vacation budget (transportation, tickets, resorts/hotels, and food) and focuses on a few good tips for each to save hundreds of dollars in that category. This is doable.

The Ultimate Guide to an Affordable Disney World Vacation – How Much Did I Save Using Just One Hint?

By following just one tip in each of the categories on our upcoming last minute vacation, how much could we really save?


We are traveling to soon to use credit card airline miles toward our trip, but by choosing to fly Thursday and Tuesday at odd hours, we’ll be spending $152 round trip each. Which is less than the best price on the weekends ($208 round trip each) or more if I wanted better flight times ($367 round trip each), even last minute. That shaved off $56 per person.

Savings on Transportation – $168

Total savings so far – $168


I always have been a park hopper girl. It’s what we book. It wasn’t until I started doing detailed trip reports that I realized quite how much vacation time is eaten by hopping. Never mind the financial cost.

Four day tickets are currently $325 for an adult and $305 for a child but if you add park hopper options they jump to $394 and $374. That’s not an insignificant price to be paying to spend extra time traveling between parks rather than staying in one park all day enjoying it.

Savings on Tickets- $207

Total savings so far – $375


I’m perfectly happy using any of the value resorts and taking advantage of the free transportation both to and from the airport and to and from the parks. However, rack rate (the cost of the hotel without booking it as part of a package) can be quite a bit higher than I’d prefer.

I wish for a way to save money at Walt Disney World! It's like wishing for more wishes.
I wish for a way to save money at Walt Disney World! It’s like wishing for more wishes.

Rack rate for Pop Century is currently $120.20 per night. By booking our room and tickets together as a package, the cost per night drops to $96.16 per night. We’re staying for five nights. Always check if the room only rates or the package rates are better for you!

Savings on Resort- $120 and change

Total savings so far – $495


We’ll have to wait and see if we save any money in this category, but we sure stand to! I’m a big fan of splitting meals, we always pick character breakfasts over lunch or dinner, free cups of water over buying bottles and love eating our big sit down meal at lunch time rather than dinner.

All food tastes better when it's Mickey shaped.
All food tastes better when it’s Mickey shaped.

All of these add up to savings but I am not going to get into the nitty gritty for the time being. I’d estimate that the overall savings is generally at least $50 per day.

Savings on Food- $250

Total savings estimate – $700-800

If I can save that much on a last minute trip for a few people when I’m only utilizing a few easy tips, I’d imagine that you can easily save thousands from a well planned trip for the whole family.

It's kind of fun to keep them in the dark about our upcoming trip.
It’s kind of fun to keep them in the dark about our upcoming trip.

To repeat, these are some of the easier tips (and ones I’d heard before) and I could easily have saved another $500 had I booked my trip a little earlier. With a little reading, your dream trip is in reach.

Happy savings!

You can find The Ultimate Guide to an Affordable Disney World Vacation on Amazon. It’s currently on sale for Kindle too!

Kids Review Walt Disney World

Parenting is hard. My daughter broke the distal end of her first metatarsal on her right foot at the very end of June. (Yeah, she broke her foot. Right where her big toe meets her foot.) The doctor was sitting there explaining how this meant no swimming, running or climbing and without missing a beat my little ninja asks, “No parkour?”

Judy Hopps and a broken foot. Kids Review Walt Disney World
Yes, we blinged out the boot. Glitter duck tape to the rescue!

Christopher is so patient with her and her foot. He hasn’t complained much about staying in more (possibly because he’s naturally a homebody). He also seems to be more helpful. Like he’s matured a little overnight. Weird but I definitely appreciate it. Also in a little over a month he will be the big 1-0. Which in Disney ticket and meal pricing is an adult. #DisneyMilestone

Kids Review Walt Disney World
Seriously. Where does the time go?

Friday was the one month mark. One month of broken foot.

After a quick doctor’s appointment, she found out she’s a slow healer and earned an additional two weeks in the boot then a slow rehab. She shut down. Rather than cry into our Dole Whips for another month, I decided to plan a surprise trip to Walt Disney World in late August to celebrate her (by then) healed up foot.

Minnie Mouse hair Kids Review Walt Disney World
No dancing, climbing, zip.

I am the world’s worst secret keeper. So I’ve never done one of those exciting trip reveals where the kids hop around on YouTube (or the equally amusing ones where the kids take it badly). This time we decided to make it a surprise. So if you know me or my kids in real life, please don’t tell them! Or your kids either. Because kids.

Shhhhh! It’s a Surprise!

Which puts me in a quandary…how to plan a last minute trip without the kids input (with the aid of a jogging stroller if she can’t get around by then). So I came up with a kind of genius idea. Ask the kids for their favorites (and a skip) for each of the theme parks for a blog post…

Kids Review Walt Disney World!

My kids offered up five (or more!) favorites for each of the four major them parks at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida and one attraction they’d rather skip.

Kids Review The Best and Worst of Walt Disney World
Last trip, Chris was 8 Kylee had just turned 6 (and was finally 44″ tall).

Their most recent trip, back in January of 2015 involved nine days exploring Walt Disney World. All Star Movies served as our home. We enjoyed a class or two through the Disney Student Seminars (formerly known as Homeschool Days).

Memories were made.

Pixie Dust flew.

And after such an extensive trip, they formed quite a few opinions on Walt Disney World. (For example they adored the now closed Honey, I Shrunk the Kids movie set/playground/best place in Walt Disney World to momentarily lose sight of your child.)

Code Name: Adventurer Boy

At the Stave Church

Name: Christopher
Age: 8
Specialties: Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom, Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure, and Wilderness Explorers. Anything interactive.
Height: 48″
Favorite Park: Epcot
Very Favorite Attraction: Test Track “I love testing and making the vehicles. It’s just so exciting getting to test what you make. I like the part of Test Track right at the beginning and right at the end when they test your pace. I liked when our car won the categories.”

Magic Kingdom Must Do’s (and a Skip)

  1. Tomorrowland Speedway
  2. Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin
  3. Mousters, Inc. Laugh Floor
  4. Wishes (fireworks show)
  5. Tom Sawyer Island
  6. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train
  7. SKIP The Haunted Mansion. “It’s really scary.”

Epcot Must Do’s (and a Skip)

  1. Test Track
  2. Mission: SPACE (Orange Team)
  3. Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros
  4. Illuminations
  5. Soarin’
  6. SKIP The Meet and Greets, except Mickey. “Too princess.”

Disney’s Hollywood Studios Must Do’s (and a Skip)

  1. Toy Story Midway Mania
  2. One Man’s Dream (seriously proud and shocked this made his list)
  3. Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular
  4. Star Tours
  5. Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater
  6. SKIP The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. “I just don’t like falling from the sky. Literally. No one’s laughing right?”

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Must Do’s (and a Skip)

  1. The Boneyard
  2. Wilderness Explorers
  3. Rivers of Light (He hasn’t seen it yet but loves that Animal Kingdom will have later hours because of the forthcoming evening show.)
  4. Festival of the Lion King
  5. Finding Nemo- The Musical
  6. SKIP It’s Tough to be a Bug. “There are spiders in the ceiling that are actually robots and they scared me a lot.”

Code Name: Adventurer Girl

Mouse ears on an airplane.
Fun with sequins.


Name: Kylee
Age: 6
Specialties: Adrenaline Junkie, Meet and Greets
Height: Just Over 44″
Favorite Park: Animal Kingdom
Very Favorite Attraction at Walt Disney World: Expedition Everest. “It goes backwards really fast and I like that part. Pshewww! It’s really fast and I like that! It’s the best”

Magic Kingdom Must Do’s (and a Skip)

  1. Plaza Ice Cream Parlor
  2. Space Mountain
  3. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
  4. Barnstormer “For sentimental reasons. It was my first coaster mom!”
  5. Splash Mountain (Which was closed for refurbishment on all of her trips and is the only “mountain” she hasn’t ridden on.)
  6. Wishes
  7. SKIP The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

Epcot Must Do’s (and a Skip)

  1. Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure
  2. Test Track
  3. Universe of Energy “Dinosaurs are cool.”
  4. Mission: SPACE (Orange Team)
  5. Germany Bier Stand “They have the best pretzels at Disney.”
  6. Illuminations.
  7. SKIP Some of the meet and greets. “There’s too many. Except Duffy. And Belle. She’s the best. And a few princesses.” Yeah. Slippery slope little one.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios Must Do’s (and a Skip)

  1. Star Tours
  2. Beauty and the Beast – Live on Stage
  3. The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror
  4. Fantasmic
  5. Toy Story Midway Mania!
  6. Sci-Fi Dine-In Theatre
  7. SKIP Mupper Vision 3-D (Okay, it physically hurts me to type that in. I LOVE the Muppets.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Must Do’s (and a Skip)

  1. The Boneyard
  2. Expedition Everest
  3. Rivers of Light (Again, sight unseen.)
  4. Finding Nemo – The Musical
  5. Festival of the Lion King
  6. Wilderness Explorers
  7. SKIP It’s Tough to be a Bug “I just don’t like creepy crawlies.”

Armed with the kids’ review of Walt Disney World our surprise trip plans began to gel. FastPass+. ADRs. Airfare. We’re ready to go.

16291649610_a1fd1bde3b_z Now I just need to figure out the best way to surprise them!