Disembarkation ~ See Ya Real Soon

Now it’s time to say goodbye…
Whether you call it disembarkation, disembarkment, debarkation, going ashore, or just going home, it still is  my least favorite part of vacation.

Yes, all good things come to an end, but how exactly do you say see ya real soon on a cruise? The answer is, it kind of depends how much of a rush you are in to leave the ship.

I’m Late! I’m Late!

If you absolutely must be the first person off of the ship, pack all of your luggage the last afternoon or evening, but do not place it in the hallway.
Express walk off means carrying your own luggage.

The Royal Treatment

If you would like to eat prior to debarkation, main seating diners may be able to eat a rushed breakfast in the main dining rooms or you enjoy the buffet at your leisure. (Please remember to take your luggage with you. Once you leave your room , your stateroom host will begin cleaning for the next guest.) Meet in the lounge with the other Express Walk-Off guests and leave the ship before most guests have even finished eating breakfast

I’m Ready to Go, But No Rush

Place your packed tagged luggage outside your stateroom the last evening of the cruise, but remember to reserve  any necessary passports, paperwork, toiletries and last but not least, clothing for the morning. I’ve seen people leave the ships in their jammies.
Comfortable? Probably.
Embarrassing if it was accidental? Probably.
After a once over to clear your stateroom (make sure to grab your carryon), gather your party before venturing forth. Head to your assigned dining room for your assigned seating during disembarkation morning. Hit the buffet if that is more your speed.

The Royal Treatment

Settle in for debarkation, because it’s going to probably be a little while as almost all of the ship will be heading off after the main dining exits breakfast.

They Can Pry My Cold Lifeless Fingers From The Deck Chair

This is our speed.

The Royal Treatment
Unship: v. to remove or detach anything onboard a ship from the place where it is usually placed or fixed.

We love our cruise and take a little time to enjoy leaving the ship. Chris christened our last morning routine “sad last breakfast.) Though he no longer cries as we leave (now that he knows we will be back), the routine remains. After our breakfast seating, we have been known to wander around the top deck taking in the sunrise, watch the ship restocking with gigantic flats of produce and just generally people watching from the upper decks as the crowds below dwindle. Kylee enjoys a last dance around the ship and we take a minute to discuss our favorite moments.

A Little Barre Work on Deck

We do leave before asked by the cast members, but in a slow and relaxed fashion, closer to 9AM than 8.

2 Replies to “Disembarkation ~ See Ya Real Soon”

  1. Any Disney "last day" is deflating, but leaving after a week or more on a Disney cruise ship must be unbearable. Unless you've scheduled your "Land" portion to follow your "Sea" travels…. Duly noted!!

    1. Many people prefer Surf N Turf over Land and Sea. Though doing land first does produce more of a relaxed end of your vacation; the end of a cruise is such a group experience (everyone's vacation is over) that it always seems a bit flat.
      That would be why we make sure to say "See ya real soon!" instead of "Goodbye!"

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