Pack Your Carry On Like a Pro | Disney Cruise Line 101

Day Bag
/deɪ bæɡ/

1. A flexible container of fabric or nylon with comfortable straps, measuring no larger than 22 inches wide, 14 inches high and 9 inches deep, carrying only the essentials

  • passports or other allowed proof of citizenship,
  • travel documents,
  • completed and signed cruise documents,
  • medication,
  • valuables (jewelry, cash, purse)
What to Pack for my Cruise Boarding Day Bag
Disney Cruise Line Packing 101

2. A schoolbag or backpack of everything and anything that is not replaceable and a vacation essential.
3. An enormous load perfect for dad to schlep around all of the fun things you might use the first afternoon of vacation, including but not limited to:

  • swimwear
  • sunscreen
  • cameras
  • chargers
  • phones,
  • anything your kids can’t cruise without (favorite snack or their stuffed bear, for example)
  • necessary toiletries (contact lens solution)
  • makeup
  • sail away party items
  • or anything else you don’t want tossed around

4. Your lifeline until luggage magically appears midafternoon or early in the evening on embarkation day.

See also: Carry On Bag

Here’s what I pack in my day bag:
1. Large Ziploc bag corralling our cruise documents and passports
2. Medication
3. Makeup
4. Travel Delay Kit

  • Granola bars or kid friendly snacks
  • Kids travel journals
  • Pens and crayons

5. Pin trading lanyards
6. Kylee’s doll and Chris’ bear
7. Charger cables for our phones

The Royal Treatment
Day bag and children and electronics, oh my!

This single backpack serves as the carry on for all four of us.  Keep in mind we take turns toting it with us until our room is available around 1:30 or so.
As far as don’ts, there is an extensive list of prohibited items on the Disney Cruise Line website. Some of the more innocuous items that should stay at home include balloons, irons, musical instruments, tape, over the door shoe holders, candles, food that is open or homemade, Christmas lights and portable fans.

If in doubt, check with Disney.

As far as strange things that always appear in  my day bag, I’ve packed bubble gum, Hidden Mickeys Go To Sea, magnets for our stateroom door, the kids’ swim suits and my Erin Condren planner. (I use it to journal during vacations.)

What is on your must pack list for your day bag?

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