The Royal Treatment | A Tale of Two Ships

Welcome to this month’s Magical Blogorail Blue loop. Today we are sharing what you can expect from some of the club level experiences at Disney Resorts and on the Disney Cruise Line.

Have you ever dreamed of cruising concierge?

What about in the royal suite?
Last year offered up a boatload of moms panel excitement, trip planning high spirits, beginning of homeschool jitters and also a ridiculous amount of pixie dust magic!

Boarding Day Verandah Disney Fantasy Royal Suite
Toes in the wind and off on an adventure!

In January, our family cruised in the Walt Disney Suite on the Disney Wonder to celebrate our tenth wedding anniversary and our daughter’s fifth birthday.
Then in November, we upgraded at port to the Walt Disney Suite on the Disney Fantasy.
Just for fun.
(TONS of pixie dust, y’all!)
So what’s the difference between one royal suite and another?

The Disney Wonder

Disney’s classic ships, the Disney Magic and the Disney Wonder feature nearly identical Royal Suites. Located on deck eight slightly forward of midship, the Walt comfortably sleeps seven between the two bedrooms, two and a half baths and ample living and dining space. There are three unique sleeping areas (two bedrooms and a sitting area) which can all be closed off individually to allow for quiet and privacy.

The Royal Treatment Disney Wonder
Although the Wonder’s verandah is quadruple wide, the bump out narrows it at the center..

The quadruple wide verandah is very wide, but not any deeper than a standard verandah. Oh and you get a butler pantry in case you bring someone with you who enjoys butling from time to time.

The Disney Fantasy

Disney’s Dream Class ships, the Disney Dream and the Disney Fantasy host two royal suites each, with minor differences in layout beyond the mirror imaging across the ship. They are far forward on deck 12, only steps away from the concierge lounge. The Walt sleeps up to five in one master bedroom suite with a large open living space. During turn down, two murphy beds fold out into the living room each in it’s own curtained area.

Disney Fantasy Verandah
At the aft of the verandah are two loungers, then a breakfast nook, the two forward loungers then a private hot tub.
Child for scale.
I’ve stayed in staterooms smaller than this verandah!

The spacious dining and living areas flow seamlessly onto the ample verandah including a hot tub (or as Kylee put it “our own little pool”). The second washroom in this suite features a shower so that the kids can shower off at the same time that I took a soak in the master bath’s Jacuzzi. Aside from the massive living area, there is also a full kitchen stocked with glassware, dishes, a full refrigerator with freezer and even a dishwasher, if you’re so inclined.

One of these Suites is Not Like the Other

Dive right in with me to compare the best staterooms on the high seas! Sounds “pretty suite” to me.

Disney Wonder vs. Disney Fantasy
Living Spaces
Disney Wonder on the left, Disney Fantasy on the right.

On first entering the Disney Wonder’s royal suite, Kylee promptly took off her shoes and shut them into the butler’s pantry. It took us ten minutes to find them because there were simply so many places to store things. Each of the two features enough nooks and crannies to store everything you could ever possibly bring and then some. Both feature entryway closets, walk in master closets, and pretty nearly every shiny wooden surface conceals a cabinet or drawer to tuck away everything from ball gowns to swimwear.

The Royal Treatment Disney Wonder
Disney Wonder Walt Disney Suite Master Bedroom
Snug and cozy!
We loved having our own separate bedroom and bathroom.
Boarding Day Disney Fantasy Master Suite Royal
Disney Fantasy Walt Disney Suite Master Bedroom
The Roy features the bedroom by the windows, as shown on the DCL site, but the Walt had our bedroom on the interior.
We loved the star lights over the bed twinkling on and off!

Both suites are large enough that you can (and occasionally do) lose someone in the suite itself. Before we knew that Kylee’s shoes were missing, Ben spent several minutes by the kid’s room calling for me and peeking around before he located me (unpacking toiletries in the master bathroom. I had not heard him. He was too far away and the sound proofing is simply too good.
It’s just that big.
We occasionally spent a few minutes rustling up the kids for dinner. (Silly as it may sound, you can walk a complete circle on the classics from front hall through the master walk-in through the master suite to the media library and back out through the living room to the front hall at the same speed as your child and spend quite a while looking for them. Yeah…)

Pixie Dusting

So what magic awaits you in the royal suites beyond the wonderful concierge services, luxurious surroundings and the perks of receptions with the rest of the concierge guests?
The first obvious perk is square footage. Space at sea is a commodity and in these suites, particularly on the Fantasy, you have it in spades. We loved both of these suites so much that we spent hardly any time at all in the adults only areas.

Sea Day 3 Private Royal Verandah
Why would we hit the adults only pool deck when we could lounge on our own private hot tub and watch the ocean drift by?

The second is the perk of an extended room service menu. If you’d like to order up any of the full sit down restaurant meals, you are more than welcome.

Palo in Pajamas
Some light antipasti from Palo.

If you’d rather eat Palo in pajamas with your kindergartener, that’s also a possibility, so long as you order Palo for room service through your concierge.

Nothing like sunrise on your verandah.

The last perk of staying in the Royal Suite is the pixie dust. From free unlimited internet, to the concierge finding a last minute cabana massage (or even cabana) to Mickey Bars magically replacing themselves in your freezer, this suite is saturated in nothing short of the perfect Disney touch. Come time to disembark, you may seriously consider stowing away!

To hear the full story, check out our adventures on the Disney Wonder experiencing the Royal Treatment or our surprise concierge cruise on the Disney Fantasy!

Here is the map of our Magical Blogorail Blue | Club Level Stays at Disney Loop:

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  1. I toured the royal suites on the Dream and they are beautiful! It seems like such a magical experience. We are cruising concierge for the first time on the Fantasy next year. I think I need to add a suite to the must try list soon. 🙂

  2. My husband would be so mad if he saw this. We had the chance to get the suite on the Wonder out of Galveston. Instead I chose a regular concierge room on the Fantasy. Looks like I made the wrong choice.

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