My Kid’s First Disney Cruise

Have you ever wondered about spending a week cruising the Caribbean with your little Mouseketeers? Come along for the ride as we rewind back to my children’s first Disney cruise. The year is 2012, my son longed to fulfill a lifelong wish to swim with the stingrays and my daughter had never met Mickey. Hang on to your hats, as we head out to sea on the Disney Magic!

Kids First Disney Cruise
Taking children on their first Disney Cruise is magical. Much like potato chips, we’ve found you can’t take just one!

Episode II: Magic-al Texas Thanksgiving with the Mouse

Disney Magic
November 17, 2012
Seven Night Western Caribbean

  1. And We’re Off!
  2. And The Eating Begins
  3. Confession Time
  4. Princesses and Palo
  5. Naps, Formal Wear and the Disney Point
  6. Have a Little Character
  7. Go For the Ears
  8. Casual Evening
  9. Silence Before the Stingrays
  10. Tenders and Iguanas and Stingrays, Oh My!
  11. All Good Pirates Take Naps
  12. Is it Fall Back and Spring Forward or the Other Way Around?
  13. Innie Belly Buttons and Other Oddities
  14. It’s Like EPCOT
  15. Cozumel Looks Very Nice From Onboard
  16. Thanksgiving!
  17. My Little Penguins
  18. Having a Food Moment
  19. Why Did They Have to Play the Goodbye Song?

Trip Report Complete!

Kids first Disney cruise!
You might say the had a magical vacation.

To answer the obvious question, Episode I, aka our first cruise (in which the kids are left ashore in the tender care of their grandparents) is not written or linked anywhere yet! Episode II, III, V and VI can also be read in their entirety.

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