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Our student seminar ended at Tomorrowland, leaving us free to do what we wanted for the rest of the day. The first order of business? Picking up our Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom cards for the day!
After a quick trip by the Firehouse on Main Street, U.S.A., we climbed aboard the Walt Disney World Railroad to hop a ride to Frontierland. One mountain of the Walt Disney World mountain range still remained unexplored.

Disney Student Seminar Trip Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
Last mountain down!

Kylee and Chris both loved Big Thunder Mountain. I loved sharing this goofy fun coaster with my kiddos!

Mickey Balloons for Sale!
Mickey Balloons for Sale!

The kids insisted we grab a Mickey pretzel and hop a raft to Tom Sawyer Island and spend some more time running around in the caverns then played Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom.

Both kids could happily spend several days doing nothing more than helping Merlin rid the Magic Kingdom of Hades and his minions! I’m thrilled to chase around and offer up the occasional suggestion as we do battle. It’s a wonderful slower paced way to enjoy the parks.

We never ate a proper lunch on this day (?) but rather snacked our way around the Magic Kingdom instead.

Afterwards, we headed back up Main Street to rectify a vacation error. We still needed to get our ears for the trip!

Mouse Ears? Of course!
Mouse Ears? Of course!

We climbed the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse for the third (or fourth?) time. If I could live anywhere at Walt Disney World, I’d camp out in the Cinderella Castle Suite but the kids would live in the Treehouse. Then it was time for one of my old favorites, the Jungle Cruise!

I think the kids didn’t get it.

There were a number of giggles but also a fair amount of blank staring. It might be that after seven days of Disney they were almost done.

Will climb the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse for Dole Whips!
Will climb the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse for Dole Whips!

Chris’ joke made the line-up for Monster’s Laugh Floor (What is a Pirate’s favorite letter? You’d think it’s ARRRRR, but it’s really the C.) A round of Buzz Lighter Space Ranger Spin brought us out of the pixie dust haze and after the Speedway and Astro Orbiter we were up for another nice afternoon rest…


Astro Orbiter is much faster than I remembered. Good, but fast!
Astro Orbiter is faster than I remembered. Good, but fast!

In line for Space Mountain. And a dance break with the Incredible, a whirl on the Mad Tea Party, Barnstormer, a lap on the Peoplemover and a nice quiet dinner at Cosmic Ray’s. Over dinner we discussed something very sad. What would our “one last rides” at Magic Kingdom be?

Waiting is the hardest part
Queue Like a Boss

They voted unanimously to queue for the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. After twenty minutes of waiting, the kids started acting a little crazy (see photo). Thankfully around thirty minutes in, we hit the interactive games. Disney is so smart! These make the queues interesting, fun and much easier.

The kids loved it and declared it totally and completely worth the hour wait. Off we ran for one last ride on Buzz, a walk on to Space Mountain and Small World as well as the Magic Carpets of Aladdin.

Then we erred on the side of one ride too many.

Tell No Tales
Tell No Tales

We boarded Pirates of the Caribbean with fifteen minutes until the start of Wishes. Unfortunately, we enjoyed a complimentary extended (half hour) stay in the room with the donkey, the trio of pirates and the burning town. We enjoyed laughing and joking along with the guests in the row behind us.

By the time we emerged from the Caribbean, the last of the fireworks were but a memory and the park started to empty out. We seized one last climb of the stairmaster Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse, then headed out to our bus.

Home Sweet Home!
Home Sweet Home!

What adventure would wait for us tomorrow on our last WDW day?

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