Merry and Bright and Unfiltered

We kind of gave up on getting Christmas cards out anytime this year, so consider this a virtual Christmas card, of a sort. (I do have hope that my daughter will in fact get to have an awesome birthday party in 2016 despite her early January birth date. Maybe even a surprise birthday! We’ll see.)

It’s been quite  a year.

A year filled with multiplication and spelling lists, rock climbing and skin scrapes, Star Wars and princesses and Mickey Mouse, a few trips to the minor emergency clinic and sunshine filled afternoons, a year of wonderful contrasts.

Ketcherside Unfiltered 2015
Afternoons of Ice Skating and Waiting for the Zamboni

Also a year of trips. Lots of little trips and a pair of big trips as well.

After over a decade commuting halfway across Houston, Benjamin finally gets to enjoy a much reduced commute. (Yay new campus!) Then, he let me sign him up for his first half marathon. In his down time, wait, down time? What’s that? Anyway, he replaced a ceiling fan this week and nobody needed medical attention, so that’s a win in my book.

Christopher discovered Minecraft earlier this year and loves storming the hill at the park with Alexander and Asher and Mark and Cody. He earned the first broken bone of the kids when he fractured a toe over the summer. He’s in an interesting in between space. One foot in the fullness of goofy childhood, the other in the self-serious dignity of a tween. No one knows how to dream and imagine like Chris.

Kylee tumbled through this year like a capricious flower caught on a spring breeze. New Star Wars movies, chapter books, family reunions and her first year of formal ballet? Nothing ever phases her (unless you want her to go to sleep when mom’s away). If you can’t find her, look up. She’s probably climbed the nearest tree/hillock/door frame.

Ketcherside #ParentingUnfiltered
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I’m thankful to get occasional time to blog (and even port my old blog to this new site) between lots of time helping explain dividing remainders and reading Robin Hood and Aesop’s Fables. I love my BreakFree ladies and my best friends and the best part of this year is it brought visits with family and friends new and old.

Yes, that's mud. All over my kids.
Yes, that’s mud. All over my kids.

Despite the hundreds of loads of dishes and laundry, I can’t help but feel that this was a lovely year.

And that I’m far more blessed than anyone deserves.

Merry Christmas!