Disney Cruise Line For Adults

Ever wondered why I blog so much about Disney?

Yeah, my husband and I went on a cruise.

Oh cool. Which line?

Disney, of course.

Wait. Didn’t you just go there with the kids? You’re telling me you go to Disney Cruise Line for ADULTS???


Not only do people wonder this in real life, but all over the internet people wonder whether Disney Cruise Line is really for adults. I think this is from the misconception that Disney Cruise Line is the same as Walt Disney World but at sea. The truth is a bit more complicated than that.

While the characters, theming and standards all match or exceed what you find at Disney’s parks and resorts, the experience is, as a whole, quite different.

While I am an unabashed Disney fan, the reason my husband keeps coming back to Disney Cruise Line has little to do with Mickey in the atrium. Rather the high standards of service, excellent attention to detail, scrumptious food and superior children’s programs keep my husband coming back. The characters, Disney theming and entertainment might be my brand of pixie dust, but as long as the kids busily enjoy their programming he is more than happy to sit back, relax and enjoy a week of unplugged relaxation.

Disney Cruise Line For Adults? What's the catch?
Disney Cruise Line For Adults? What’s the catch?

Between fine dining at Remy or Palo, unique night clubs, sports lounges and all kinds of adults only activities, it’s hard to know where to start in on Disney Cruise line for adults.

Martini, wine or beer tasting your thing? They’ve got you covered.

Behind the scenes galley tours? They do that as well.

Adults only pools, hot tubs and cafés ? Yep.

Or selfies with the princesses?
Or selfies with the princesses?

Do you want to meet the big cheese or the princesses?

It’s no big deal and encouraged.

The only thing you cannot do onboard is join in to the children’s only programming when it is in session. If you really want to hang out and take part in the Oceaneer Club activities, daily open houses make even this a possibility.

Because the kids enjoy the kids programming so much, we have plenty of time to try to do everything or lay around on deck with a fruity drink and do absolutely nothing.

And that is really magical.

Adults Only Trip Report

Episode III: Couples only Cruise

Disney Magic
February 4, 2013
Four Night Western Caribbean

  1. Because It’s a Tuesday
  2. Really?!?
  3. Our Ship Came In
  4. So Close and Yet
  5. Let the Magic Begin!
  6. Smackerels of Escargot
  7. Animated
  8. Giant Jenga
  9. Cozumel
  10. A Little Souvenir
  11. All Good Things

I went on another cruise on my own with my husband, but it predated my digital camera and my Disney blog and just got home from a moms weekend week cruise on the Disney Dream, so look forward to that review!

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