Cruise Essentials | Ultimate Disney Cruise Line Packing List

After a few too many vacations over-packing, I made it our goal to under pack. Or pack the bear minimum. Just the essentials to have a fabulous cruise. My husband claims his goal is to work his way down to boarding with a single small backpack.

Disney Cruise Line Packing List
Just the essentials, please!

Thankfully, Disney makes this pretty easy. With food, entertainment and rooms taken care of, short of the shirt on your back, what are the essentials?

Luggage Essentials

These break down into clothes and toiletries. You can make it as complicated as you want, but pretty much if you aren’t going to wear it or you don’t use it on a daily basis, it’s pretty much optional. The ships provide soap, shampoo, conditioner and (in a pinch) can even find you a bottle of sun relief gel.

Day Bag Essentials

      Paperwork, pharmaceuticals, valuables, gadgets and gizmos and kid necessities all should stay in your day bag. The only things I carry in my day bag are the items that I cannot live without for the duration of the cruise. Basically anything unreplaceable stays with me until I board.

Non-Essential (but Nice)

      Tons of things can be included in this category. Add in anything that speaks to you. Paperbacks, toys, strollers and anything you might think will make your cruise more magical.

Last Minute Items

All those things that you can’t pack until the last minute. I’m forever forgetting to pack the charger that I used the night before we leave. Until I started posting reminders on my phone. Please, make your own notes!

Printable “Essentials Only” Disney Cruise Line Packing List

A freebie to help you as you pack your essentials! A checklist of everything from spare camera batteries (if you use those) to your kid’s favorite stuffed bear. I’m wishing you a magical cruise.

DCL Packing List