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Welcome to this month’s Blogorail Orange Loop. Today the kids are answering the question, which Disney Park is the best?

Kids Disney Cruise Line Review
Adventurer Boy, Adventurer Girl and the Disney Wonder.

I love Disney Cruise Line. I wax poetic often. But after visiting Walt Disney World, surely the kids at least prefer Walt Disney World to the Disney Cruise Line. Right?


Turns out the little Castaway didn’t fall to far from the tree. When asked which Disney Park is the best, they both piped up with “Disney Cruise Line” without missing a beat. Hold onto your hats, because these little pirates took over the blog for the day!

(From here on Adventurer Mom’s comments appear in parentheses.)

Kids Disney Cruise Line Review
Seven years old and looking forward to her seventh Disney cruise. It’s a tough life, but someone has to do it.

Code Name: Adventurer Girl

Name: Kylee
Age: 7 1/2
Specialties: Vegan Diets, Parkour, Swimming, Singing
Castaway Club: Gold Member
Dream Itinerary: I’d probably go with the Bahamas and Key West because of Key Lime jelly beans.


Top 11 Things To Know About Disney Cruise Line

  1. They’re tidy and kept well when you get there.
  2. It’s so much fun when you get to meet Cinderella. But you don’t have to be dressed up.
  3. Normally they keep up the Christmas decorations until like their first of second cruise in January. So if you need a late Christmas cruise, you can have one in January still. (Adventurer Mom note: They often come down just after New Year’s Eve. Check with Disney Cruise Line for the MerryTime Cruise schedule.)
  4. The beds are warm and comfy. Especially the bunk beds. *vigorous jazz hands*
  5. The waitresses and diners and room cleaner uppers are all very nice.
  6. The horn isn’t too loud it’s just *When You Wish Upon a Star hummed loudly* and pretty.
  7. The best part of a cruise is the  splash pads and the Mickey slide.
  8. The kids clubs are A.W.E.S.O.M.E. and there are slides and a big play treasure thing and lots of thingamajiggers. (???)
  9. It’s a big blue shimmery pretty ship. If you like ships. Not like the Titanic.
  10. The thing about the theatres is you never get bored. If they sneak up behind you in Villains Tonight! don’t get scared. It’s all scary but it’s supposed to be. It’s villains.
  11. You have to put magnets on your door unless you want it to be totally plain.

Why Disney Cruise Line instead of Walt Disney World?

You don’t have to walk around all day and there aren’t rides that make you throw up in a throw up bowl. (Says my daughter, the adrenaline junkie who has never been motion sick on a ride in her life.) Instead you have fun rocking away on a verandah on an island port view or with the sea in your ears all the time. (I think she means she enjoys the sound of the ocean and rocking in hammocks).

Favorite onboard activity?

The kids’ club! (Oceaneer Club and Lab.) The Club and Lab is the best because it lets kids interact and talk without parents telling them to shush. And they can play and play and do video games and run around down slides and you can talk to Stitch and sometimes even Lilo.

Tell me about your most unforgettable Disney Cruise.

When we went on the Fantasy with the little Mickey sprinkles, I can never forget. I had hot chocolate, we got Mickey sprinkles in them and they were so yummy. I was in the concierge lounge and the concierge-y Miss what’s-her-name (Miss Julia you mean?) gave it to us.

What words would you use to describe Disney Cruise Line?

Fun, Inspiring, Awesome, Cool, Relaxing, Sunbathing, Splashing, Fireworks, Strengthening (from running around in the kids club “like a maniac”), Patient because the patient waiters are patient for us and the chefs who make our food.

There is never too much Mickey.

Code Name: Adventurer Boy

Name: ChristopherChris
Age: 9 1/2
Specialties: Legos, Parkour, Programming
Castaway Club: Gold Member
Dream Itinerary: Pretty much all the way across the world. Like Europe. Britain.

Why is Disney Cruise Line the perfect vacation?

You can relax. I like looking at the ocean. It is pretty interesting to see water in a place where water isn’t that smacked up into a sea. I like having to walk up very little to get to a restaurant because at Disney World it’s like a handful of space between each. I like the water parks, going down the water slide. The Disney Cruise has interesting mechanisms to look at like the elevators. It is interesting to think about how it works.

What is your favorite port and why?

Galveston. It seems more friendly. It is closer to home. (Can’t argue him on that.)

Okay, but what’s your favorite port the ship visits?

Castaway Cay! Because I’ve never seen a beach in my life except for there. (You’ve been to the beach in Galveston; doesn’t that count?) No. (I hate to agree with him, but Galveston really can’t compare with Castaway Cay.)

Favorite onboard activity?

Swimming! It has a bunch of space to swim in. I like sliding down the water slide as I said earlier. It is like pretty fast for a water slide as I first imagined. The Mickey slide is meant for big kids because if a baby was in it, it would not good.

Tell me about your most unforgettable Disney Cruise.

My first cruise. It was like really different from how I imagined when I left. I thought it was going to just be a plain old ship that would plunk us into the sea then plunk us back on land. But I was wrong. We got to see multiple islands like Castaway Cay, Cozumel, Grand Cayman and Nassau. We got to swim with stingrays, me and mom. They were pretty much like squishy flat surfaces with long tails at the backs. I couldn’t forget the water or that day.

What words would you use to describe Disney Cruise Line?

Awesome, Cool, Interesting, Delicious, Fun, Unusual (you don’t see it everyday), Unforgettable, as if I’m part of something big and important (what do you mean?) *shrugs* like I’m special, Adventurous, Curious

(Come back tomorrow to hear what the kids think of Royal Caribbean. How does it stack up from a kid’s point of view?)

Off on an adventure! BRB
Off on an adventure! BRB

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  1. My kids prefer DCL over WDW, too. I think that besides being more laid back, it also gives them a little more freedom than what they would get in the parks. My daughter loves to just go sit and have some ice scream whenever she wants. We text her when it is time to meet up for pictures or some activity.

  2. So I see your daughter appreciates that they clean up after her. Lol! I love that.

    We didn’t know what to expect when we went on our first Disney Cruise but we were instantly hooked. The kids are never bored and you do have to sometimes drag them out of the Kids Clubs.

  3. First, I adore the formatting of this post! It’s so cute and just right for the topic!

    I feel like our kids would be best friends in minutes, and would never leave the Oceaneers Club.

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