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In case you’d managed to miss it, I LOVE Disney Cruise Line. And yet here I am blogging about Liberty of the Seas, a Royal Caribbean ship from the Freedom class.

Royal Caribbean Disney and a princess?
I even love seagulls when I’m cruising with Disney!

Recently, my dear sweet in-laws pointed out that there are other fish in the sea, as it were. Diana asked me if I’d run across anything on Royal Caribbean cruising, as she planned to set sail on the Liberty of the Seas in only a few months. I hadn’t really researched Royal Caribbean very much, but a quick perusal of the website showed that revealed that a BOGO deal and some last-minute openings made for a very convenient and tempting end of year trip.  Coincidentally, this year’s homeschool curriculum finishes up just two days before sail away…

Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale
a tale of a fateful trip,
that started from the Texas port,
aboard this mega-ship.

…and so begins the tale of how a Disney princess set out to explore a whole new world of cruising with Royal Caribbean. Could you really blame a girl? If you found out you could go on a cruise next month, who wouldn’t?

And that’s how I’ve come to welcome you aboard the Liberty of the Seas Live Blog.

Liberty of the Seas Live Blog

I know.

You’re dying of shock.

I’ll wait.

The mate was a mighty sailin’ man,
the Skipper brave and sure,
five thousand set sail that day,
for a seven night tour,
a seven night tour.

And so I found my self joining up with my kids and in-laws for a week-long adventure on the recently refurbished Liberty of the Seas.

Liberty of the Seas vs. Disney Fantasy

Dream Class Ships, the Disney Fantasy – 2012

Tonnage:                    129,690 GT
Length:                       1,117 ft
Speed:                         22-24.7 knots
Capacity:                    4,000 maximum
Crew:                          1,458 average
Characters:                Mickey, Princesses and Jedi.

Freedom Class Ships, Royal Caribbean’s the Liberty of the Seas – 2007

Tonnage:                    155,889 GT
Length:                       1,112 ft
Speed:                         21.6 knots
Capacity:                    4,960 maximum
Crew:                          1,360 average
Characters:               DreamWorks, Shrek, Madagascar and Kung Fu Panda

Royal Caribbean Disney Price Comparison

Before Boarding

Let’s use these actual numbers found by shopping for cruises on March 16, 2016.

Disney Fantasy May 14, 2016
7-Night Western Caribbean
Port Canaveral, Cozumel, George Town, Falmouth, Castaway Cay, Port Canaveral
IGT (Interior Guarantee Stateroom)
1 Adult 2 Children
Base Cost                           $3,366.62

Liberty of the Seas May 15, 2016
7-Night Western Caribbean
Galveston, Cozumel, George Town, Falmouth, Galveston
IGT (Interior Guarantee Stateroom)
1 Adult 2 Children
Base Cost                            $1,872.97
Soda Package (x3)                $198.24
Gratuity Difference                 $19.95
Printed Luggage Tags:           $35.00
Total Base Cost:                 $2,126.16

I added in the soda package since DCL includes soda in the base price, as well as the difference in base gratuities between the two lines, and the cost of getting your luggage tags printed and not printing your own. (Yes, Royal Caribbean charges for that.) Before boarding, Liberty of the Seas is leaving me with an extra $1,240.45, but down one day on a private island.

Royal Caribbean Liberty of the Seas Trip Report Liberty of the Seas Live Blog
Mimi and PawPaw (aka Diana and Ernie) enjoying breakfast with the kiddos last November.

My crew for this adventure will feature my two kids (themselves, each gold Castaway Club members with Disney Cruise Line), myself and my in-laws, Ernie and Diana. None of us have ventured into the uncharted waters outside of the boats that Mickey built, but we’re hoping to have a fantastic first voyage.

Royal Caribbean Liberty of the Seas Trip Report
Everybody’s shufflin’
Ernie and Chris

Ernie and Diana cruised a few times with Disney Cruise Line (once by themselves, once Mimi tagged along on our first experience in the royal suite on the Disney Wonder, and once for a huge family reunion with all the cousins.) Mimi most looks forward to looking at the incredible “slurpee blue” color of the changing sea. PawPaw is likely looking forward to coffee on the verandah, walking along the open decks and breathing in the sea air.

Royal Caribbean Liberty of the Seas Trip Report
Mimi, Kylee and Goofy!

I look forward to making Castaway Club platinum status later this fall. I may even be a bigger of a Disney Cruise Line addict than my, “What reason do you need to go on a Disney cruise? How about it’s a Tuesday?” husband.  While this is not my first cruise without my first mate tagging along, this will be the first time I venture out to sea with the kids without Ben.

Royal Caribbean Liberty of the Seas Trip Report
I’ll miss you sweetie! #drinkallthefruitydrinks

Something about work schedules (he has one) and vacation hours (he’s planned to use all of this year’s between watching the kids during our moms trip early this spring and our epic vacation this fall).  What I most look forward to is seeing a recently refurbished ship. There’s nothing like that almost new ship smell! The Liberty of the Seas underwent a refurbishment in February this year now features new pool deck amenities and dining. Two new water slides (with a third scheduled to open in June) and a new bar and a pair of new restaurants.
I’m pretty much looking forward to eating guacamole at Sabor. #guacit

Royal Caribbean Liberty of the Seas Trip Report
Find the fun!

Christopher learned to swim mostly because of Samantha Brown. When Chris couldn’t take naps as a toddler, he would lay around in the midafternoon watching Travel Channel. In one episode Samantha visits Stingray City and swims with the stingrays. This fascinated Chris. He soon told anyone who would listen that he wanted to learn to swim so he could go see the stingrays for himself. Five years and many swim lessons later, Chris finally met the stingrays. Chris is most looking forward to trying out Adventure Ocean and revisiting his old buddies at Stingray City.

Royal Caribbean Liberty of the Seas Live Blog
Yeah, they’re good to go.

Kylee never met an adventure she didn’t like.  Whether it’s Ninja Warrior classes (it’s a thing) rock climbing or spelunking, she is the first one to dive right in. This cruise, she will finally be old enough to visit Stingray City! She is most looking forward to water slides, jumping up and down, Adventure Ocean, stingrays, sunbathing and Mimi and PawPaw time. (Aw!)

Enough with the pre-show, as this goes live, we’re just about to embark. I will have some internet connectivity, so feel free to ask questions via the Adventurer Mom Facebook page.

See ya real soon!

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