Episode VII: Castaway Cay

The sun rose over a lovely calm sea and the Disney Wonder rotated slowly into place next to the dock at Castaway Cay. We finished breakfast and headed for the forward gangway. It was time to go ashore in paradise.

Castaway Cay, Merrytime Reunion
Christmas on Castaway Cay!

Ben and I walked ashore, took some quick snaps and then walked straight for the cabana check-in desk. (If you don’t feel like walking, you can wait for a tram at the “Kargo Handling Tram Stop” and ride past the “Scuttle’s Cove Tram Stop” to the “Pelican Point Tram Stop.” The check-in desk for the cabanas is next to the shaded tram stop.)

We hopped into our golf cart and made it out to our cabana bright and early.

Castaway Cay Cabana 21 - Merrytime Reunion cruise
Grand Family Cabana!

We made ourselves at home, laying out our items on the counter, claiming spots along the deck and slathering everyone in copious amounts of sunscreen.

The kids and I played in the cove. Counted fish. Splashed and squealed. The water in December isn’t exactly hot, but it’s still plenty warm enough for wading and floating in tubes.

Small silvery fish darted through the clear waters and after hours of frolicking on the beach, swinging in hammocks and snacking on fruit, chips and barbeque (fetched from Cookies Too!), the boys decided to go back to the ship.

Castaway Cay Merrytime Cruise
Shells of every color.

The girls fetched a few dozen of the most beautiful shells to decorate the tables. Then fell to sipping cans of soda and sunning themselves. I love reading. I love reading and lounging even better, so I was game to hang about at the cabana as most of the guests headed back to the ship. Midafternoon, Kylee and I headed back to the ship ourselves.

Castaway Cay Merrytime Cruise
Back to the ship.

I don’t know if it was because there were so few guests on the way back to the ship or if it was only a coincidence, but we spotted many lizards, a toad and a hermit crab along the path back to the Wonder.

Castaway Cay Merrytime Cruise
Carols on steel drums and garlands fill the island.

Those sweet moments when I can talk to my daughter one on one and slow down to see the world from her point of view? Priceless.


Castaway Cay Merrytime Cruise
She’s a little short for a stormtrooper.

Kylee spent her souvenir money in the Star Wars store. Ewoks are her favorite, Wicket particularly. When she’d spotted a stuffed Wickett in the store that evening, she knew just what she’d pick for her souvenir.



Castaway Cay Merrytime Cruise
Nothing quite like Castaway Cay around Christmas!

Despite Wickett joining us for “So You Want to Be a Mouseketeer,” we were not selected. Maybe next time!

Castaway Cay Merrytime Cruise
Sunset as we leave Castaway Cay.

Kylee headed into the Oceaneer Club while Ben and I headed up to the top deck to watch as the Disney Wonder headed back out to sea during an amazingly gorgeous sunset.

Castaway Cay Merrytime Reunion
Captain’s Gala Menu

After all day laying in the sun, a long quiet dinner (with four children) seemed just the thing to do. The children wanted to eat quickly and head into the Oceaneer Club, but we ran into one of Kylee’s best friends on the way.

Castaway Cay Merrytime Cruise
Chance encounter with Belle in her Christmas dress.

Our family chose to skip Toy Story the Musical in favor of a nice evening listening to music, romping in the kids clubs and walking around the promenade deck looking at the starlight.

Episode VII: Merrytime Reunion

Disney Wonder
November 27, 2015
Seven Night Bahamian
Extended Family Reunion

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