Best. Year. EVER!

Merry Christmas!

You can consider this your Christmas card, because between all the awesome stuff, a Christmas card won’t be happening this year. Again. Oh well!

Best. Year. EVER!
A little end of year celebration goes a long way.

So like any year there were plenty of ups and downs.

American history and algebra and surprise birthdays for my January princess and mini ninja classes for everyone. Star Wars and new jobs and sunshine and movie nights and fairy tales and set backs and bridging ceremony or two. And a fracture that had nothing to do with fairy tales.

Broken Metatarsal
In some cases more movie nights than others.

Also a lot of different celebrations and trips and changes.

Benjamin didn’t travel for work much this year…until the fall. Then he traveled like a crazy person. Canada and Utah and Arizona and so forth. He enjoys running and Skyrim and taking the kids out. I get to go out too sometimes.

Christopher keeps getting better.
Another chapter in the ongoing saga of Chris.

Christopher finished out all of his Bear Cub Scout badges then retired his neckerchief and after three (literal) marathon years with the running club, finally found his sport with parkour.


He loves hiking, theatre, Warcraft, volunteering, (not necessarily in that order) and is a really excellent travel companion. Chris is growing up so fast. All those moms who say that it goes really quickly were right, but I’m starting to be okay with that.

Kylee 2016
Kylee 2016, The Year Her Schedule Imploded

Dance and ninja and theatre, oh my! With a brief (three month) recess for her fractured metatarsal (courtesy of Gaga Ball at the local Y), Kylee emerged much the same as she began 2016, with a stronger sense of her own voice thrown in for good measure. Which is good.

iPhones and texting and tweens? We're not in Kansas anymore, Toto.
iPhones and texting and tweens? We’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto.

I’ve been pretty busy between teaching (oh yeah, we’re still homeschooling) and finding my way as a travel planner. Between trips to Austin to visit my best friend’s new ranch, my brother’s wedding, a girl’s trip on board the Disney Dream, a last minute trip on the Liberty of the Seas, and a back to back weeks on the newly refurbished Disney Wonder, I’ve finally got packing and travel with kids down to an art form. Oh yeah! I’ve still got this blog.


Key West Sunshine
Key West Sunshine

I knew I’d forgotten something.

That’s okay. I’ll be back! With a few different trip reports and photo updates to keep things interesting.

Wishing you a Happy New Year!