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Welcome to this month’s Blogorail Green Loop. Today we are sharing some of the best queues at the Disney Parks.

Disney Queues
Ogling Ahsoka’s Lightsaber in the Chewbacca Meet and Greet Queue

Disney queues, lines, and wait times, oh my! While generally my approach to the parks focuses on minimizing standing on queue (thank you, FastPass+) a few queues are worth waiting for.

While I love the little details all over the parks, the lines often get overlooked. I wondered if the kids even noticed the Disney queues, let alone had favorite queues. Save your FastPass+ for another ride (or go on these twice) as the Adventurer Kids rate their all time favorite Disney Queues- an attraction worth waiting for!

(From here on Adventurer Mom’s comments appear in parentheses.)

Code Name: Adventurer Boy

On Meeting Chewbacca: Totally cool. Bummer they didn’t have Luke or Han or Yoda, though!

Name: Christopher
Age: 10
Specialties: Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom, Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure, and Wilderness Explorers. Anything interactive.
Height: 51″
Favorite Park: Epcot
Favorite Disney Memory: I was on Star Tours and they scanned the area for a match. They found me. I ended up being a rebel spy so the Imperials started shooting our transport! C3PO managed to get us out of the hanger but we went through several battles, including the battle of Coruscant and Kashyyyk. Jango Fett almost got us blown up but we met up with the Rebel cruiser. And made it!
Very Favorite Attraction: Test Track

Best Disney Queues

5. Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin – It explains what your mission is. It makes me feel like I’m ready to beat Zurg.
4. Space Mountain – It can show you all the destinations in several galaxies. I like the safety reviews. I like the video games when they were working.
3. Barnstormer – Goofy did tricks like jump through a hoop on fire. There is a cannon he flew out of. It looks like he made lots of mistakes. Because he’s Goof’ it’s often. It’s funny.

Disney Queues
C3PO and R2D2 prepare your Starspeeder 1000.

2. Star Tours – It acts like an airport but for spaceships. It has the stuff to let you know what trips are scheduled where. (Arrivals and departures board?) There’s also droids and you can see Jawas through glass. I like Jawas because they’re traders and good scavengers.
1. Test Track – I love testing and making the vehicles. It’s just so exciting getting to test what you make. I like the part of Test Track right at the beginning and right at the end when they test your pace. I liked when our car won the categories.

Code Name: Adventurer Girl

Dream Jobs: Stunt Woman, Actress, Disney Cruise Line Dancing Cast Member, Homeschool Mom and a Librarian too.


Name: Kylee
Age: 8
Specialties: Adrenaline Junkie, Meet and Greets
Height: Just Over 44″
Favorite Park: Magic Kingdom
Favorite Disney Memory: On my first trip to Walt Disney World on Barnstormer, my first ever roller coaster, it was really exciting! The part where it drops after it goes up? That’s when I fell in love with roller coasters.
Very Favorite Attraction at Walt Disney World: Seven Dwarfs Mine Train – I like it because if you’re a first timer it’s always fun because you’re going up the hill through the mine you think it’s going to be the end but you get a whole ‘nother drop after the ‘Heigh-Ho!’ around ’till you get to the cottage.

Best Disney Queues

5. Star Tours (The Adventure Continues) – In the ride there are all these different robots around you and it’s all “oh I want to stay at this part of the queue!” Then there is a video talking to you about embarking and safety but Star-Warsy.
4. It’s Tough to Be a Bug – You get to see all different kinds of animal patterns in the walls. (The Tree of Life.) It really brings the ride to life, because you can tell “oh there might be a bug on this one!” It keeps with the theme that it’s tough to be a bug because you get lost wandering around in the queue in the dirt.

Disney Queues
The Tree of Life in Animal Kingdom boasts over 300 animals carved in her “bark”.

3. Haunted Mansion – I mean you tap a book and another one will come out. Then it closes and another comes out at you, which I just find fascinating. It keeps on subject, ‘spooky’ and it’s all still scary. (You mean it keeps consistent with the theme?) Yes. That’d be a grown-up way to say it.
2. (The Many Adventures of) Winnie the Pooh – You get to play with little bees and there are screens with pictures hiding under honey so you can try to wipe the honey off of them.

Disney Queues
A dozen rides on Seven Dwarfs Mine Train in one day? You’re going to really get to like the queue. Or tolerate it for your brother.

1. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train – You get to play the whole time and it’s really fun. There are spinny crystals and you look at the ceiling and there are lights in the ceiling. There were water things that made music.

And I’m back! A bit surprised that neither of my kids picked my favorite queue…

Disney Queues
Name that queue!

What about you? What are your favorite queues?

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  1. I love the queues for Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin and Star Tours! Definitely some favorites. 🙂 These queues are both very detailed and help to set up the story, but Star Tours definitely helps to transport you into the world of the Star Wars franchise, especially with the appearances of the different alien species and everyone’s favorite droids.

  2. The Haunted Mansion has always been my favorite line queue. Even before the update, I loved seeing and reading all the gravestones in the cemetery.

  3. Your favorite queue is…Expedition Everest!

    Reading this great post made me realize that:
    1) kids are quite observant, and;
    2) Disney had done a pretty good job eliminating your standard stand and wait lines.

    It’s pretty impressive the amount of stuff you can do without long lines, even when the park is crowded.

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