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As Walt Disney said, “We keep moving forward,opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” In summer 2016, I finally pursued my dream of becoming a Disney travel planner! Where to start? Several of my Moms Panel friends encouraged me to join them at Looking Glass Travel, and the rest, as they say, is history.

For years, I chronicled my quest for a seat on the Disney Parks Moms Panel (for Disney Cruise Line, naturally).

A Brief History of the Disney Parks Moms Panel

Disney Parks Moms Panel Round 2

Applying for the 2016 Panel

Ten Easy to Follow Steps to Reach the Final Round of the Disney Parks Moms Panel
Top 10 Disney Parks Moms Panel Wishes

Hit Submit, Let It Go (A Song for #DisneyMP round 1)

Disney Parks Moms Panel Search Round 2

Applying for the 2015 Panel (In which I make the Final Round)

Do You Wanna Ask Moms Panel | PreShow Song
The Game is Afoot | Preshow
Why I Plan to Apply to #DisneyMP (Again) | Preshow
One Week More! | Preshow
How NOT To Apply for Disney Parks Moms Panel | PreShow

Hang On To Your Pixie Dust! | Round 2
Three Reactions to Round 2 | Round 2

Pixie Dust is REAL Y’all | Round 3
Round 3 Round Up | Round 3 and Beyond


Applying for the 2014 Panel (In which I make Round 2)

Keep Calm and Apply | Round 1
He Know Me So Well | Round 1
I Want More | Round 1
Retrieving the Arrow | Round 1 Song

Disney Moms Panel Breaking News | Round 2
Never Tell Me the Odds | Round 2

I Wish I Had a FastPass | Round 2

Food For Thought | Magical But Not This Year


I’m excited because while some of my friends joined panel and live the dream this year, I’m hoping some of my friends who didn’t make the panel and I can all be on the 2016 panel together!

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  1. I think the Disney cruises look interesting for me, because I like a clean cut family atmosphere. But I am single. Does anybody go on Disney cruises that are single grandmas, travelling alone?


    1. While there are a wide variety of fun wholesome activities for the whole family, you’ll find the demographic on a Disney Cruise leans heavily toward families. That being said, I’ve gone on adults only Disney Wonder trips that were divine! Single adults traveling alone on Disney Cruise Line still pay for a full cabin (two adult fares). Finding a friend to tag along costs the exact same fee. On any given day there are dozens of adults only activities hosted by the entertainment staff with animation classes, mixology and cooking lessons mixed in among towel folding and yoga. Don’t overlook the whole laying around on deck tanning in the Caribbean or enjoying a nice quiet brunch.

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