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Ah, trip reports.

When the sunburns have peeled, the laundry is put away and you no longer look around in a post vacation daze, it’s time once again to air out the memories of a magical vacation. What better way to recall the unforgettable wonder of childhood and family than a trip down memory lane complete with photos, stories and the wonderful feel of nostalgia.


Cinderella Castle Honeymoon
Honeymoon Dinner in Cinderella Castle

Walt Disney World
January 2004
No Trip Report, but plenty of posts refer back to it.

Episode I: (Second) Honeymoon on the High Seas

Disney Wonder
September 2010
Four Night Bahamian

Episode II: Magic-al Texas Thanksgiving with the Mouse

Disney MagicKids-First-Cruise
November 17, 2012
Seven Night Western Caribbean

  1. And We’re Off!
  2. And The Eating Begins
  3. Confession Time
  4. Princesses and Palo
  5. Naps, Formal Wear and the Disney Point
  6. Have a Little Character
  7. Go For the Ears
  8. Casual Evening
  9. Silence Before the Stingrays
  10. Tenders and Iguanas and Stingrays, Oh My!
  11. All Good Pirates Take Naps
  12. Is it Fall Back and Spring Forward or the Other Way Around?
  13. Innie Belly Buttons and Other Oddities
  14. It’s Like EPCOT
  15. Cozumel Looks Very Nice From Onboard
  16. Thanksgiving!
  17. My Little Penguins
  18. Having a Food Moment
  19. Why Did They Have to Play the Goodbye Song?
  20. Trip Report Complete

Episode III: Couples only Cruise

Disney Magic
February 4, 2013
Four Night Western Caribbean

  1. Because It’s a Tuesday
  2. Really?!?
  3. Our Ship Came In
  4. So Close and Yet
  5. Let the Magic Begin!
  6. Smackerels of Escargot
  7. Animated
  8. Giant Jenga
  9. Cozumel
  10. A Little Souvenir
  11. All Good Things
  12. Adults Only Disney Cruise Line Trip Report Complete

Episode IV: Cruising to the Kingdom

Disney MagicScreenshot (3)
April 26, 2013
Eight Night Bahamian

  1. Wait, What???
  2. Post Something
  3. And Something Else

The Royal Treatment
Episode V: The Royal Treatment

Disney Wonder
January 4, 2014
Four Night Western Caribbean

  1. Royal Treatment Redux
  2. R is for Roll Call
  3. R is for Ready, Set, Go!
  4. R is for Reception
  5. R is for Royal Suite
  6. Diana’s Journal ~ Saturday
  7. R is for Running Around in Circles
  8. R is for Recreation
  9. R is for Reservations
  10. R is for Room Service
  11. Diana’s Journal ~ Sunday
  12. R is for Roja
  13. R is for Rain Delay
  14. R is for Rice Krispy Treats
  15. Diana’s Journal ~ Monday
  16. Diana’s Journal ~ Very Early Tuesday
  17. R is for Random Roaming
  18. R is for Rollin’
  19. R is for Rapunzel
  20. R is for Reflections
  21. Diana’s Journal ~ Tuesday
  22. R is for Recollections
  23. Diana’s Journal ~ Wednesday
  24. Disney Wonder Royal Suite Trip Report Complete

Minnie Vacation

Walt Disney World
May 6, 2014
Three Night All Star Movies

  1. Stay Tuned
  2. Et. Al

Our family really quacks me up!Episode VI: A New Ship

Disney Fantasy
November 29, 2014
Seven Night Eastern Caribbean

  1. A New Ship
  2. The Journey Begins
  3. Glacial Breakfast
  4. First Terrarium
  5. Second Terrarium
  6. Good Morning!
  7. Raspberry Dust and Botanists
  8. I Spy
  9. Personal Flurries
  10. Bobbing Along
  11. Meanwhile Back on St. John
  12. Meanwhile Back on the Ship
  13. Palo in Pajamas
  14. Have Fun Storming the Castle!
  15. Heffalumps and Sea Turtles
  16. Something About Apples
  17. Little Paper Cabana
  18. Cabana 18
  19. Kisses and Castaways
  20. Disney Fantasy Royal Suite Trip Report Complete

The Three Mousekateers

Walt Disney World
January 28, 2015
MK_ROSEGRDN_7179097386Nine Nights
All Star Movies

  1. Little Piles of Pixie Dust
  2. Hot Pepper Dance
  3. To All Star Movies and Beyond!
  4. Ready to Spin
  5. Well Played
  6. Mickey Straws
  7. Nobody Likes a Clumsy Jedi
  8. Midway Maniacs
  9. What Do We Do?
  10. Kwaherini
  11. Akershus
  12. Doofenshmirtz
  13. Eat, Sleep and Launder
  14. Squirrel!
  15. Side Tracks
  16. How Things Move
  17. it’s a small world
  18. Disney Student Seminar Day
  19. Three Mouseketeers Trip Report Complete and Review of Disney Student Seminars

Episode VII: Merrytime Reunion

Merry and Bright!
Merry and Bright!

Disney Wonder
November 27, 2015
Seven Night Bahamian
Extended Family Reunion

  1. MerryTime Reunion
  2. Anchors Away!
  3. Character Overload
  4. Key West
  5. Nassau
  6. Castaway Cay
  7. More to Come!
  8. Personal Navigators for our 2015 MerryTime Cruise

Episode VIII: Homeschool Moms on the High Seas

Disney DreamTravel Rut
February 22, 2016
Four Night Bahamian
Girls Trip

  1. Homeschool Teachers Don’t Get Inservice Days
  2. Etc.

Royal Caribbean According to a Disney Princess

Liberty of the Seas

Kids Review Royal Caribbean
Where Royal Caribbean excels? Splashaway

May 15, 2016
Seven Night Western Caribbean
Live Blog from May 15-May 22, 2016

  1. Preshow
  2. Day 1: Embarkation
  3. Day 2: Sea Day
  4. Day 3: Cozumel, Mexico
  5. Day 4: George Town, Grand Cayman
  6. Day 5: Falmouth, Jamaica
  7. Day 6: Sea Day
  8. Day 7: Sea Day
  9. Day 8: Galveston
  10. Disney Cruise Line versus Royal Caribbean

Episode IX: BFFs in the Bahamas

Disney Wonder
Fall 2016
Seven Night Bahamian
Live Blog?

  1. Preshow
  2. Day 1: Embarkation
  3. Day 2: Sea Day
  4. Day 3: Key West, Florida
  5. Day 4: Castaway Cay, The Bahamas
  6. Day 5: Nassau, The Bahamas
  7. Day 6: Sea Day
  8. Day 7: Sea Day
  9. Day 8: Galveston Back to Back

Episode X: Just Keep Cruising

Disney Wonder
Fall 2016
Seven Night Western Caribbean
Live Blog?

  1. Day 8: Galveston Back to Back
  2. Day 9: Sea Day
  3. Day 10: Sea Day
  4. Day 11: Falmouth, Jamaica
  5. Day 12: George Town, Grand Cayman
  6. Day 13: Cozumel, Mexico
  7. Day 14: Sea Day
  8. Day 15: Galveston
  9. Just Keep Cruising: Too Much of a Good Thing?

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